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Health is an asset that poor people would not want to lose. Indeed, their livelihoods depend on their health...


Education serves as a driver for development and the elimination of extreme poverty. Education is ...


All countries depend heavily on their environment: Forests, grasslands, rivers, lakes, coral reefs and other...


Livelihood for every family in a community means increased income that translates to food, education...


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Action for Sustainability Initiative (AFOSI) is a local NGO committed to improving the quality of young people (aged 10-35) and women by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals. Afosi works in the thematic areas of Health, Education, Livelihoods, Environment and Humanitarian support

Founded in 2013, AFOSI uses the human centred design and a right based approach in programming. AFOSI’s theory of change is that socio-economic development happens when communities have the requisite skills, knowledge, education, ability to labour and good health that enable them to pursue different livelihood strategies and achieve their livelihood objectives.


To promote actions that are geared towards harnessing and protecting the full potential of young people and women to realize the sustainable development goals


A Sustainable World!

We Lead

We Lead is an innovative and far-reaching program that aims to strengthen the influence and position of young women whose sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRH-R) are neglected the most. It targets..

Westo Recycers

This is an Afosi an ecopreneurship based in the informal settlements in Nairobi. The initiative seeks to promote sustainability and inclusivity for the environment, communities Read More>>


Kiongozi (, is an Afosi initiative and it is an Emerging Leaders Platform-a springboard for Grassroots Youth, Women and PWDs...Read More>>


Our Approach

AFOSI Believes that

  • If we raise the socio-political consciousness of individuals and the grassroots communities through training, skill enhancement, accompaniment and solidarity, we enhance the individuals and communities’ commitment to transcend psychological oppression/dependency and support their resolve to take proactive action to transform their lives, communities and governance systems.
  • When we support entrepreneurship and mobilization of local resources, we restore individual and community pride and dignity thus enhancing the capacity for homegrown solutions to problems and challenges.
  • Livelihoods will only become truly sustainable if people have power in local, national and in international markets.
  • Support for assets and strategies is often more effective if combined with policy and advocacy work to address the policies, institutions and processes that limit people’s livelihood options.


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In order to achieve our goals, we work with the young people and women especially girls (in and out of school), displaced populations, and those in informal settlements so that they can have increased opportunities, access to quality services and the ability to lead the development of their own communities.


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